3 Ways to Create a Customer-Centric Culture

A marketer’s job is to bring the product to the customer.

But it’s a good marketers job also to bring the customer to the product.

The marketing world often gets caught up in the frenzy of selling (and shoving) their products in front of customers at every chance they get. But this is how marketers get written off as self-serving and too ‘sales-y’. A powerful challenger marketer’s purpose runs much deeper. And it all begins with a customer-centric culture.

Brands that take the time to craft strong customer experiences produce 5.7 times more revenue than those that put customer experience on the back-burner. If you want to create a brand strategy that engages customers and keeps them coming back again and again, rewind a bit and start with your company’s culture. 

Here are our top three ways to create a customer-centric culture with your marketing strategy:

3 Strategies to Help You Build a Customer-Centric Culture


1.Develop an Engaging Brand Story into Your Marketing Strategy

Every brand has a story.

Some have plot holes, boring characters, and bland storytelling. But others? They represent and elevate the voice of the customer in the product development roadmap.

 A brand story is simply the emotional, human element of your content marketing strategy. It’s how people connect with your brand on a personal rather than corporate level.

 You’re not just here to tell your story but to tell your audience how they fit into your brand story.

 Who are you as a brand? What keeps you up at night? Your marketing strategy should answer these questions and more. This story should be instilled into your culture and practices. 

2. Understand the Customer’s Problem –– And Solve it.

A powerful content marketing strategy does more than sell a product –– it sells a solution. More importantly, it brings the customer’s problem to their awareness and simply explains how the product is the solution.

 The result is an exceptionally customer-centric brand strategy. This communicates that you’re more focused on solving the customer’s needs rather than just taking their money.

 A solution-focused content marketing strategy will keep your team’s focus on serving the customer and creating a culture centered around it.

3. Make Your Customers a Part of the Team

 Instead of approaching your customers as mere receipts of your products or services, make them part of your company’s team. Consult them, ask for feedback, and regularly involve them in your brainstorming sessions.

 Ensure every employee’s role not only touches on but is rooted in customer experience, whether they’re a member of your design team or sales team.

 Your customers are your partners. Not only will they appreciate being treated as such, but it also reinforces that your company’s culture is all about making decisions with their needs in mind.

 At Rival, we develop strategies and capabilities for businesses to grow faster. We dedicate our expertise to three main areas: brand strategy, go-to-market strategy, and culture and capability development.

 If you’re ready to challenge your brand strategy and become a true Rival amongst your competitors, reach out for a consultation with us today. We’ll see if we’re the right fit for each other’s goals.


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