Announcing our Partnership with Attest!

We’re super excited to announce our partnership with Attest!

Rival is all about marketing innovation – helping businesses develop the strategies and capabilities to grow faster. And no matter what type of business you are, you can’t grow without a deep understanding of your customer. Human insight is the foundation for great marketing (and great products), and Attest is helping thousands of businesses around the world find the right insight at the right time.

We’ll be using Attest to conduct our own proprietary research and start to build out our insights business (more to come on this soon). You’ll be hearing a lot more from us and the team at Attest about our partnership and the work we’ll be doing together. Look out for them on Zag starting next week and Scratch starting next year.

Here’s a bit more from the Attest team on the platform they’re building and how it helps businesses grow:

Attest is a consumer research platform that provides confidence for every decision, with the right insight, at the right time. We do this by making it simple and fast to access your target customers and uncover opportunity with consumer data, continuously, at global scale. We call it: growth without guesswork.

Through our self-serve platform, you can access audiences of 100 million across 49 countries, get answers at record speed, and extract insight through our intuitive results dashboard, all with the guidance of our in-house experts. By removing the cost, time and complexity, you’re able to de-risk product, brand and campaign work in order to succeed more often. We’re proving that reliable consumer data can be accessible, fast and impactful for all.

The fastest scaling and fastest changing businesses work with us to learn about consumers’ needs, understand live trends, enter new markets, validate decisions, develop new products and services, measure brands, track competition, and ultimately – grow.

Our ever-expanding client roster includes notable brands such as Microsoft, Santander, Walgreens/Boots, Klarna, Wise, eToro among many others. Attest is backed by investors including NEA, one of Silicon Valley’s most prolific venture capital firms with over 225 portfolio company IPOs since 1977.

Check it out for yourself here.



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