Scratch Ep. 11 – How to Focus on Marketing Fundamentals

In this week’s episode, Scott Monty talks about his journey from premed student to marketing expert, and the elephant in the room – his amazing voice. Scott explains how understanding timeless human nature and psychology is key to effective communication and marketing. He encourages marketers to focus less on the platforms and more on the fundamentals, on storytelling and connecting to people. 

Scott deeply believes in the often dismissed importance of taking the time to take stock and acting with integrity and warns of the danger of talking about brand purpose without truly embracing it at all levels of the business. He warns of the danger of “purpose” being the CSR of 2022. 

Of the friction between the need to keep up with the latest marketing trends – from NTFs and beyond – to taking stock and doing things well, he says,  “if you are confident in your purpose, in the values that drive your business, then moving quickly shouldnt’ be a problem.” We couldn’t agree more. To hear more more Scott, subscribe to his newsletter at and visit his website at

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