Scratch Ep. 13 – How to How to Activate Your Brand Purpose for Profit with Jim Stengel CMO of Procter & Gamble

In this week’s episode, Eric and co-host Dean Aragon of Shell are joined by a giant of the marketing world, Jim Stengel, the former CMO of Procter & Gamble, author of Unleashing the Innovators (2017) and Grow (2012), and host of The CMO Podcast. Jim insists that most marketers aren’t curious enough about what’s around the corner, and get too bogged down in short term priorities. He explains how to balance focusing on today, tomorrow and long term goals, especially as an incumbent business. (Hint: look at your calendar and leverage your team.)

The conversation includes a discussion of the importance of reputation and trust, listening and what Jim would spend the first 6 weeks doing at a new role. Finally, Eric, Dean and Jim wrap up by talking about the importance of brand purpose and why it sometimes falls apart. 

 For more from Jim, listen to The CMO Podcast or visit The Jim Stengel Company.

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