Scratch Ep. 16 – How to Balance Profit with People and Planet with Rupen, CMO of Dole Sunshine Company

Rupen, CMO of Dole Sunshine Company, talks about a world in which we stop considering increasing the profits of the shareholders above all else and start considering the overall global benefits to the environment, to human rights, to business decisions. He insists that while profit should not be the end all be all of business, sustainability should not encompass just environmental factors and does not need to come at the expense of profit.

Dole has produced some pretty remarkable advertising in the last few years. Click here to see their Malnutrition Facts campaign.

If you are curious about how to shift your business towards being truly purposeful in that it will do better for the planet and the people on it, this is the conversation for you. Learn more about Dole’s mission here.

To listen to this conversation on your preferred streaming platform, click here.


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