Scratch Ep. 15 – How to Market Like a Scientist with Jeremy King of Attest

This week, Eric talks to Attest CEO and Co-Founder, Jeremy King, about how data leads to better, smarter business decisions with no guesswork. He believes that by having the right data business leaders and marketers are able to know precisely when certain risks are justified and when they’re not. They are able to understand their target audience, not just their current customer base. 

Coming from a background in both science (as an undergraduate) and business (at Harvard Business School, no less), Jeremy approaches business problems in novel ways, recalling cases from both business school and the natural world to gain new perspectives on seemingly unsolvable issues. Rather than operate on intuition and our unspoken but ever-present biases, Jeremy insists that businesses should operate like scientists in a world where data is king and bias is a crime. This conversation will undoubtedly inspire you to see the ways in which data can help you make better decisions.

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