Scratch Ep. 2 – How To Build A Sonic Brand with Dean Aragón and Jane Keate of Shell


In this week’s episode, Eric talks to the brains behind one of the world’s biggest brands, Shell. Jane Keate, Shell’s Global Brand Standards and Assurance Manager, and Dean Aragón, CEO & Vice Chairman of Shell Brands International, explain how a brand as massive and recognizable as Shell connects to its employees, customers and external stakeholders through its all-in approach to sonic branding, and how building a distinctive yet flexible sound helps deepen and humanize the brand’s identity while also fulfilling marketing’s ROI goals.

These sonic branding insights apply to all businesses, not just those with deep histories and pockets. Learn how and where to start, and how sonic branding will help your brand resonate with more people. 

 Listen to the wide range of Shell’s sonic branding for yourself:  


Watch the Sound of Shell show reel here, and watch the Making of the Shell Sonic Brand here

To end today’s episode, Eric talks to Paul Skinner of Marketing Kind, a community of marketers and change-makers who believe marketing and narrative-building can be an important part of the solution to the many societal and environmental problems we face.  Working with Ian Goldin, former VP of the World Bank,  Marketing Kind will ask in the new year, can we rescue humanity? Follow Paul on LinkedIn to learn more about Marketing Kind’s gatherings. In this month’s Coffee with a Cause, on Friday, 26th November, Eric will host a gathering with Matthew Powell of Breaking Barriers, to help refugees gain the skills they need to secure longer term employment.


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