Scratch Ep. 20 – How to Achieve Goals Through Defining Outcomes with Yonca Dervişoğlu of Google

This week, Yonca Dervişoğlu, VP of Marketing for EMEA at Google, talks to Eric about so many things from how she makes sure she has time to spend on her prioritises, how the pandemic has helped her connect to her teams, and how she approaches new roles and new challenges. 

Yonca discusses how her family and childhood experience moving from Istanbul to California – with its often unbridled optimism about technology – have shaped her and led her to where she is today, the CMO of many markets for Google, and how this has informed her priorities for EMEA’s role in the future of technology. While EMEA can tend towards being overly concerned with new tech, Yonca actively seeks to push the region to embrace a more active role in new technology with a focus on the values particular to it, including privacy and equality. 

This is a great conversation for anyone interested in the bigger picture. If you want to hear more from Google’s head of marketing for EMEA, you can find Yonca on LinkedIn

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