Scratch Ep. 4 – How to Take a Take a Brand from Start-Up to IPO with Jasper Martens and Rachael Oku from PensionBee,

In this week’s episode, Eric talks to the nicest people in the business, Jasper Martens and Rachael Oku from PensionBee, about how the company has managed to stay true to its customers along the journey from launching as a small fintech start-up to going public. Rachael and Jasper talk about how letting their brand purpose guide both their company culture and marketing has given their brand a distinct voice that resonates so well with so many. Watch how PensionBee uses its own employees and real customers in their IPO marketing, as they do in nearly all their customer-facing marketing. Learn more about their Fossil Fuel Free plan, which Rachael discusses in the episode (and which seems like a pretty great thing) here. And hear about how making mistakes and being able to scale quickly can be the best way to innovate in an ever-changing marketing landscape. 

In this week’s organization we sponsor, Eric talks to Lucy Cutter, President of Bloom, a professional network for women in communications, dedicated to promoting gender equality in the industry. Their mission is to, “to future-proof women’s careers, spearhead industry change and pay it forward,” goals we at Rival get behind. Please check out Bloom and how you can be a part of positive change at 


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