Scratch Ep. 6 – How to Build Community Around Your Brand with James Kyd of Xero

This week, James Kyd of Xero talks about how the online accounting platform with over 3 million customers has successfully built a community around the brand. By fostering a deep commitment to understanding the “real human costs” of running a business, Xero has nurtured a community composed mostly of accountants and small business owners. This dedication to understanding and addressing consumers’ needs is highlighted in Xero’s brilliant Behind Small Business Campaign, which tells the real stories and motivations of the people behind Britain’s small businesses. 

James and Eric talk about how Xero’s marketing function remains innovative. How do you keep a team of 150 marketers aligned? By making sure the brand’s values are not just celebrated but lived within the company. James explains that the marketers are encouraged to experiment in a culture promoting curiosity over perfection. Creating an environment where people feel psychologically safe and are encouraged to “bring your whole self to work” means that Xero’s employees are more attuned to people’s real experiences elsewhere, and including their customers and the world around them. By keeping “the real costs of business” and customers’ lived experiences at the core of everything they do, Xero fosters meaningful relationships with and among their customers. 

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