Scratch Ep. 7 – How To Build a Trusted Brand with Tina Cassidy, the CMO of GBH

This week, Eric talks to Tina Cassidy, the CMO of GBH about the rebranding of Boston’s public broadcaster and the largest creator for public media in America. Trust is not only central to GBH as a company, it is central to GBH’s mission as a public news source. It goes without saying that we find ourselves in an ever-changing information landscape where news is no longer traditionally produced or consumed, and the news media is increasingly seen as divided and divisive. Building trust with this new generation of consumers has been central to Tina’s mission at GBH. Through a commitment to transparency when it comes to gathering information from consumers and truly living its values, GBH has remained a deeply  trusted media source. Get in touch with Tina at and find GBH on Twitter 

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