The Rival Checklist

Our first whitepaper breaks down our philosophy and perspective on challenger marketing. We started Rival to enable any business to grow like a challenger by studying the mindset and model that drives the hyper-growth of challengers. There’s a career’s worth of work to be done to fully solve for why and how some businesses grow faster than others, and we’re not the first to try to tackle these questions. We’re building on the foundation laid by many other marketers and entrepreneurs here! We have a long way to go to truly understand and apply these insights and learnings to the businesses of our clients and community. This is our first step down that road. The Rival Checklist boils down over a 100 collective years of start-up, scale-up, and enterprise marketing experience into the twelve building blocks we see as being the main drivers of growth for challenger brands. We don’t believe we have all the answers (and we’d love your help in getting there!), but we’re intensely motivated by the questions. We hope that by sharing our experience and learnings we can help some of you out there grow your own businesses, teams, and careers just a little bit faster.


Download the PDF here.


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